Monday, January 08, 2007

A quick, silly Gecko & Sticky sketch


wwwmrchen said...

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david gemmill said...


i think i remember this.

oh man. good one.

Joe Hodali said...

Haha, i was thinking something like Gecko was going to "touch" Sticky while he slept.

Kenny P. said...

I look forward to seeing these....
in the nude.
That's just the way I do things.

geenpool said...

looks very ominous or however you speel that...reminds me of my childhood..sniff, sniff...sooooo cold.....sooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooold.

Arschblog said...

I found your blog about Davids blog and I must say that you are fantastic! Here are some comments:

The Gecko & Sticky Cartoon: I love it! The face expressions and the moving of the characters are great. Another great thing is how you use the Backgrounds to make the scene more dramatic.
You and David are a great team and I hope that you get lots of success with your work!
I´ll watch it again, because the Computers here have no sound (sometimes I have problems to open the commentlists).

The Girldrawings: I like it how you did the faces and how you did the shapes, very inspiring. The girl in the last drawing is my favourite.

The John K. Caricature:Is good!
I don´t like it either what he do with the young girls.
They way what he go now make me sad.
And I don´t like the most of these girls, because they are happy that they know a famous person and use him to get success, but they don´t see him as human and don´t respect him.
You should know there is always a reason why people go sometimes the wrong way, and John´s reason is a sad one. I know him very good and I wish that I could help him.

Your Ren & Stimpy drawing: Everyone who draw R&S make me happy! I love this great Cartoons! Your R&S drawing looks perfect, I can´t find any mistakes. I want to see more R&S drawings!

Your other blog (death of R&S): I love it!!! Yes, there is a big and interesting story behind R&S. As I read it in the first time I was shocked! I never thought that there was so many trouble, sadness and anger. I wish that more R&S-fans would know the story behind this cartoon.
I have some of these Magazines at home, but not the most of it, so I´m happy that you post it! Thanks!

Rodrigo said...


Hey, I've been following your work since you hit a few homeruns over at Newgrounds. I've gotten a few myself, such as my MegaMan vs. Quickman short, but the drawing quality was shit compared to your stuff. I've taken it upon myself to do that drawing animation course that John "Penis-Head" K has put together.

Anyway, I just want to say that I'm glad for you and the break you got with Nick. If anyone on NG deserved it, it was you. Power to you, dude. I look forward to seeing the final movie.