Monday, March 12, 2007

More house practice, this time with attempted perspective


katzenjammer studios said...

pretty sweet man. only crit would be that it has an ambiguous emotion to the shot. is this just perspective drawing practice or cinematography practice?

you could pump it up compositionally, making sure every drawing really says something. right now you're dead center with a high horizon. move it around a bit, drop the horizon low allowing for more depth (or clearly way up so we look down). take a clear direction with it.

really sweet though chief.


alexis said...

you did such a good job on the bricks!

ryan said...

thanks katz that was a good critique

no, this wasn't cinematography practice. i'm just trying to learn houses & how they work; plus design elements of houses. in this one i tried taking a crack at perspective because i need major practice in that department (as you can tell). even though i spent a long time trying to make sure the perspective stayed correct, it still came out wonky :(

i'll have to keep at it

Sam! said...

Ah, this just looks like my dream house.

david gemmill said...

i thought i left a comment on this. weird. i like the bricks and the garage door, and its a cool house design.

Jim Smith said...

Nice drawing, just keep pushing the cartooniness, unless you're going for realistic. Long low houses should be really long and low. Squatty houses - really squatty. Tall and skinny, etc.