Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More two-point perspective & design practice

Miles, I took your advice and tried adding tone to this one (though be it very sloppy).

If any perspective experts would be willing to help me with a quick trace-over to correct any fuck ups, I'd greatly appreciate it.


GhettoFab said...

Heya Ryan,
I just started dabbling with this kinda stuff and love what youve done. A whole new appreciation for it and you pull it off well

ryan said...

thanks ghettofab :)

do you mean that youre dabbling with backgrounds/perspective or 50s/60s architecture & design?

david gemmill said...

cool lamp studies.

Kenny P. said...

I wouldn't call it a fuckup, because you can play with perspective for effect, but the right side of the building doesn't go to the same vanishing point as the central part (with the roof).

Keep up the good work! I admire your discipline.

Now, I'm the dick.

ryan said...

kenny - thank you! you're absolutely right, i didn't even notice until you said something.

i think that might have happened because the right-hand-side VP was waaayyyy off the page that i was drawing on (which i hate).

are there any easy solutions for when a VP is way off the page? any tips? ..advice?

ryan said...

i forgot to mention that i was using a super small ruler that didnt reach to the offscreen VP.

so i guess advice would be to get a bigger ruler. haha

Kenny P. said...

After you get used to drawing in perspective for awhile, you'll probably be able to eyeball it.

But, at first, you WILL have to get a longer ruler!

Rich Dannys said...

Heya Ryan!

I think it's lookin' real good.. But yeah, the note re: the Far Right section, is a valid one..

I've done oodles of Postings on Perspective at 'The Drawing Board'.. There's a Paul Rivoche JPEG I always point people to.. when they want to solve the "V.P.'s WAY off the page" syndrome..
You can read it at:

Rich Dannys said...

Link didn't completely post..
Try this one:

ryan said...

oh man that's AWESOME rich!! thank you!!

this is the exact sort of tip i TOTALY needed - I would have never even known about this awesome technique. i feel fortunate that you read this post :D

I'm going to try this very approach on my next 2 point perspective drawing. I bet it'll make things a LOT easier.

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rocketfingers is the most confusing game ever.

ryan said...

Johnny Rocketfingers is the most confusing game ever.

Apparently you've never played Myst ;)

marcobucci said...

cool, classic designs!