Sunday, March 23, 2008

Up Chuk Duck (Pilot)
progress post #05
Rough run cycle.


James said...

Not half bad... how much longer do we have to wait?

crsP said...

This is the kind of sneak peeks to have for an up coming cartoon - no gags given away. Animatics are for nerds and whores . Pencil tests are for the suave and debonair.

P.s. The whole thing is a rip-off of Howard the Duck. Verbatim.

mr tweeny said...

I think it's scissoring a bit.Just need to change one half of the run slightly.

Millsley said...

Sweet man - the broken arm works really well. The only crit I have is that front leg contact drawing where his head comes down and back catches my eye because it seems off of the arc. The change in line weights is also a little distracting but we all know that's because Flash doesn't understand the idea of a stable brush size.

ryan said...

Thanks for the crits, guys. I really appreciate them because it made me re-analyze the cycle more.

I adjusted some key frames (scooting some left & some right) and now I think it runs much smoother.

Jack said...

"how much longer do we have to wait?"


Anonymous said...

nice job ryan.
i would suggest fluffing out the hair a bit more, but everything else is consistent. glad to see you giving us little animated updates, hope to see more; even if they are rough. :)

ryan said...

nice job ryan.


i would suggest fluffing out the hair a bit more

excellent suggestion.

glad to see you giving us little animated updates

awesome, there'll be more!

Phil said...

After you finish this, be sure to finish your Bird Skipper cartoon.

benj said...

great job Ryan!
Keep'em coming.

Anonymous said...

What a hep of shit!