Friday, May 28, 2010

jim davis paid me $3000 to draw this for him. i think he got more than his moneys worth, don't you?


Anonymous said...

chris allison > you.
know why?
because he actually works his dick off making awesome films that aren't halfassed.

finish up chuk to shut me the fuck up, dickhole.

ryan said...

your persuasion skills could use some work

Anonymous said...

you are so fired

crsP said...

Can't work out how this relates to lasagne or Mondays. Sure must be tough at Jim's factory.

"... he actually works his dick off..."

Didn't know not having a penis anymore would be a compliment to any guy.

chrisallison said...

Ryan Khatam is an awesome cartoonist. I've seen some stuff that he's working on, and it's really funny and well done! We're all in for a treat when he releases it! Keep up the good work, Ryan. Let's keep the cartoonists drawing and the critics talking.

Dustin Haynes said...

I too have been wondering when you're going to throw another sweet cracked anim our way

Mike Moloney said...

i like Garfields' fat, expressionless face. YOU captured him!

ZSL said...

"finish up chuk to shut me the fuck up, dickhole."

Ryan if you dont finish it an anonymous person will leave lines of angry text in your comments.
This is serious, bro.

Also have you seen Lasagna Cat?

Jae said...

That caption is freaking hilarious.
Love the rendition xD
your doodles have always had so much life and hilarity.

GREAT stuf, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

"finish up chuk to shut me the fuck up, dickhole."

Wow. Ryan, you better do whatever that anonymous fellow said. His intelligent, yet powerful and angry words sure had me convinced. I think he's gonna start a riot if you don't.

Seriously, great Garfield drawings. I like these better than whatever Jim Davis can come up with anyway.

jerry signfold said...

post more upchuk anniemayshunz