Friday, February 03, 2012

Hi everyone. Remember when I had 16 more scenes to animate before my secret project was finished? Well now there are only 7 left to animate. It's getting closer and I apologize for it not being more close than this but the holidays took a giant bite out of my work time.

I have reconstructive ankle surgery on the 8th of this month, which is going to take another giant bite out of my work time - probably about 6 weeks.

But fear not. Once my ankle is healed, I am jumping back into this full blast. It is looking great so far and is pretty "no-holds-barred." I am excited to shock, disgust and offend all of you :)

PS Not in the APC type of way so don't panic!!! lol


Kirun said...

good luck with that surgery man!

crsP said...


As soon as I read 'APC' I threw a garbage can threw the local pizza place's window. Just do the right thing...

Ankle surgery huh? I always knew you drew with your feet!


ToonholeChris said...

Look luck with the ankle enhancement surgery. You'll have the sexiest ankles in Hollywood

Rodrigo said...