Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey everyone. So the secret project I have been toiling away on is a Flash Game. Everything is animated. Now it's just tying up loose ends, some cleaning up and adding the remaining sound effects. I plan to export this game as an app for Iphone & Android.

The goal is to sell this and generate a budget for Johnny Rocketfingers 3. If this app does not generate enough money for JRF3, then I will try kickstarter.


Marc said...

Have you seen Kickstarter lately? John K. got a project there. Check it out!

crsP said...

OKay, so the tag 'SECRETPROJECT01' makes sense now - I did wonder what kind of secret is posted to the internet for all to see!

Maybe you should go straight to crowd funding and if this phone game makes money, you can use that for some extra spice - like voice actors. And high class prostitutes from Russia. Strictly for in-betweening [that's what she said...?].

Interesting link above. I thought John Kricfalusi was NOT and indie cartoonist, and would 'rather make money'. But now he is using indie tools and making web quality animations with long boring pans and no actual real animation like the examples he posts many times on his blaorg. I am confused. John really thinks that Simpsons intro was to his [by his own estimations] standards?

Ryan Khatam is making video games for phones and not smoking copious amounts of weed in a crack den, whilst John K is producing 'animations' which are nothing mmore than talking radio with a bunch of camera pans thrown in?! Where the hell am I?!??!??!?!


Does that mean I have to stop procrastinating so much?

crsP said...

Just to add, I don't think your game will be allowed on the Apple App store, judging from this screen grab. Apple have rules against indecency - and the things some young boys will do with multi-touch...

Ryan Khatam said...

Somebody told me apple was now allowing adult apps! Like hustler and shit.. or just porn I don't remember.

I had your same concern about apple standards until I was told they allow adult apps.

crsP said...

I think they had Playboy app since the beginning, but I don't think apps like that contain any porn. I doubt your game will have much problems - I just wanted to talk about multi-touch and spread-eagles. Thanks for killing the conversation with your got-tam facts!

+1 for Gamecube conversion.

Will this game support the Nintendo power glove?


Shaquille Davis said...

im glad to meet fellows who see johnk for what he really is. a fool.