Thursday, February 07, 2013

doodles of wile and roger

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crsP said...

Whoah! Roger Rabbit is back - I smell a sequel Hollywood!!!

I like the mean expressions on Wile and some of those Rogers. Pretty decent for doodles, but a serious question. Do you EVER come off the computer?! Why don't you use a gottam pencil??? You kids and your Wacoms and your rocket powered underpants!!!

My favourite part of Roger Rabbit is when he is being a douche-bag. Like the scene where Bob Hoskins is sawing off the handcuffs and Roger casually slips from them to get a better view. 'You mean to tell me you could have come out of those at anytime?'. 'Not anytime, only when it was funny'!

So please do a Roger in the act of some douche-baggery.