Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There is no excuse for 2 months of not updating my blog. I havn't been using my time very wisley.. most if it has been going into playing World of Warcraft (crack in the form of computer entertainment).

So, having said that, I want to start being more productive!

First, I'd like to re-design my website, but everyone knows what a huge obsticale that is. Originally, I wanted the new layout to be an early 60s Diner. I still like this idea, however, now I have a slightly different idea for the design/layout.

Here is a really rough test drawing of what I originally *sort of* had in mind (note: this is no longer what I am shooting for. I've got a different idea now)

Aside from the website revamping, David Gemmill & I are currently working on a freelance Nickelodeon project. The director of the project, Savage Steve Holland, is a super nice guy. He is giving us a LOT of artistic freedom, which is totaly awesome. What David & I are doing is creating character designs for the project, and now we are in the process of creating animatics for the lines of dialogue that were sent to us. There will be a total of three 20-30 second animated segments.

So far, Steve really likes the work we are doing, & his only real instruction is to "make the animation funny!" And that is exactly what David & I are trying to do :)

I will post some screen shots of the animatic & maybe some character designs very very soon!



Marc Deckter said...

Hey - I like that 60's Diner layout - did you toss the whole idea out?

Good to hear you and David are working on a Nick project - I'll check back for more updates!

ryan said...

I didn't exactly toss the whole idea out, it is still going to be a diner. The only difference (which is actually a big difference) is going to be the way I present it. I feel the new approach will be a lot neater and give a much stonger feeling of atmosphere :)

Pj said...

it's me Pj, i don't know if you remember me, but we were myspace friends awhiiile ago

and we talked and such kinda



but yeah, wondering what you were up to, saw you are addicted to WOW (not really so much myself, it just doesn't grab me for some reason)

i've been drawing more and i am going to school more for that such thing rather than games, which i was working towards before.

but yeah! come on by myspace (if you still got yours!) and we can chats it ups
old skool

take care,

katzenjammer studios said...

hey ryan!

i'm just wondering how you got the freelance gig. was it just through networking or what? congrats! sounds like a dream project!

your pal,

ryan said...

hi chris :)

yeah, we kinda got it through networking - our friend's dad works for Nickelodeon, heheh.