Thursday, April 26, 2007

Digital close-up painting for a personal project

Some progress pics:
Line Drawing / Color Rough / Basic Color


GhettoFab said...

very cool ryan! What kind of project is it? Look forward to seein more!

Anonymous said...

this aint going to be some S&M thing, is it? Looks aggressive. The art work is cool though, looks like the 1950s theme.

Arschblog said...

...she liked it rough! Hahahaha!!! Amazing artwork!:)
I can't wait to see more! I hope it's that what I think!=)

ryan said...

thanks! it's a pilot project for a series i want to do.

dont worry, this picture has nothing to do with the actual story of the cartoon. its just one of the gags.

arsh: thanks :)

david gemmill said...

hahaa i really like the description on the back and the girls busted face!! hahahah nice work!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Wow, this looks great! Can't wait to see what this'll turn out to be.

Ryan G. said...

cool painting! I like the texture in the hands! That R&S short was great! Thats the best turd animation i think ive ever seen..

Scott Warren said...

Cool! I also enjoyed the Ren and Stimpy animation, too.

ken said...

nice blog nice work :)

katzenjammer studios said...

Funny painting! Play up that cock buldge!

It might take a little while for the audience to get the gag. You could probably use less screentime if you designed the title to be a little more dominant, using some of that negative space at the top a little more efficiently.

Looks like your cartoon takes place in my apartment. Can't wait to see it.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hey Ryan,

This looks nifty. Especially the color choices.

-David O.

bog_art said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog.. scary??.. well.. the blog is a way to take out the monsters that we have inside.. good job here!!

Jay D Smith said...

haha nice!!


Mukpuddy said...

Ha ha thats funny as dude!! That Ren and Stimpy clip you animated is freakin fantastic bro!!

Also wondered if you'd be interested in contributing to a special episode of our cartoon. Check out our blog if you're interested....

The Muks

dintoons said...

love the line drawing! was it done digitally? flash or something...??

ryan said...

hahah thanks. i'm not very pleased with the text on the back but you're not really supposed to read it either. it's just there to take up room & make it look more booky

:D thanks!

thank you!!


i thank thee!

the gag is essentially just a pulp novel spoof, which i think people will get pretty quick

thank you, the color choicing was scrupulous!

i have a monster inside (my PANTS!)


i'm pretty busy with freelance and my own personal work, but thank you for the offer!

yessir it was drawn straight into flash with a wacom tablet :)

tek! said...

haha she lost a couple o teeth already!