Saturday, April 07, 2007

prop and design studies


daddina la teatrante said...

Really nice. I wish I can draw, but I'm hopeless! Regards from Italy.

katzenjammer studios said...

I dig the 60's type designs you do. Are all these studies for an upcoming project? Does it all have a purpose? Oh god, what does it all mean?!

david gemmill said...

awesome! are these studies from those books or just made up? they look really cool and authentic

ryan said...

Does it all have a purpose?

just studying & trying to learn, it's not for anything specific

are these studies from those books or just made up?

the majority are from google images, the rest are pictures i've taken myself (the cinder blocks & railings)

Ecto said...

yeh. some good design study stuff here. real cool. coulda used you last year for a comic book i was doing. ha. damn..

dintoons said...

your drawings are inspiring and educational!!
thanx for the visit!
hope to come here more often!

about your response to daddina la
well, i think yes, all this just might have a purpose... and that's to make you smile and laugh and be happy maybe? and make others happy too? ...... just one of the possibilities... ;o)